Destash Bash Roundup

14 Dec

This past weekend a snowstorm rolled through Yosemite and as I watched the snow fall I realized something: It’s already December! Not only is Christmas only a few weeks away, but that means it’s officially the end of the Destash Bash!

Destash Bash

Last May April and I pledged not to buy any brand new craft supplies, with exceptions made for materials needed to finish a project, and stuff acquired from thrift stores and free boxes (and dumpsters too, apparently.) Since May we have completed:

Tom’s Wallet
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Sassy Scrappy Fabric Flowers
Free Box Hiking Skort
Guitalelle Case
Miwok Style Basket
Paton’s Kroy Socks
A-Dorkable-Owl Box
Venus of Wilendorf

It’s apparent that the Destash Bash did not go quite the way we planned. After April started us out of the gate with the Tom’s wallet, she apparently went off the deep end and disappeared from blogging and crafting almost entirely. She has reassured me that she has not been frolicking through the aisles of Joann’s throwing things into her cart with the ecstasy of Julie Andrews twirling in an alpine meadow, but I’m not so sure.


I can’t throw any stones because I didn’t do so well either.

I proved to be pretty weak when it came to not buying new craft supplies. I wound up buying a set of sewing needles, (which I returned) a bottle of polyurethane varnish, a hat (which may or may not count), an awl, and two half yards of fabric for a secret project that I haven’t even blogged about yet. In total I spent about forty bucks on craft supplies since May. (Twenty if you don’t count the hat!) I feel slightly guilty for failing the challenge, but on the other hand, I don’t feel guilty about most of the stuff I bought.

I had also planned to use this as an opportunity to try upcycled and eco-friendly crafts, source craft supplies second-hand, and create a bunch of tutorials. Instead I mostly just worked on projects that have been lying around waiting for me to love them again. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. My stash and my WIP are colossal. Even with all the crafting that I did I hardly put a dent in them. And I cannot believe the amount of satisfaction I got from completing all those abandoned WIPs.

I think April is done with the Destash Bash. She was already talking about what she needed to buy to make Christmas presents back in May. On the other hand, I really want to keep it going. And because I do what I want, I will.

After I ask for thread and bobbin organizers for Christmas.



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