DIY Fridge Poetry

19 Dec


I secretly love magnetic poetry. I crave the jolt of inspiration I get from the chaos of words running riot across my fridge every time I go to pour another glass orange juice.

Though sometimes our collection perplexes me: Why do we have nine and magnets but not a single or? How do we have wing, soar, bird and fly but no sky? How is it that among the several kits assembled on our fridge there is not a single question mark? How does the magnetic poetry universe function without the interrogative tone?


I finally decided to take matters into my own hands by making use of a bunch of old junk magnets; you know what I’m talking about. The magnet with the customer service number for the insurance company you stopped using two years ago, or the “save the date” for the couple that is in divorce proceedings. Also, I know that sandwich chain is really proud of their delivery service, but I don’t think the nearest franchise will drive two hours to drop off a B.L.T at my house. (Seriously, how did that magnet wind up on our fridge?)


Junk Magnets
Foam Paintbrush
White Acrylic Paint
Fine Tip Permanent Marker
Polyurethane Varnish

I started by peeling off the plastic coating off of the front of the magnets and painting them white. I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure removing the coating is necessary. I tried painting over it on a later batch and the paint seems to be sticking pretty well. Use your discretion. If you do decide to rip it off, get all of the paper remnants off so you have a smooth surface to paint on. I ran the magnet under water and scrubbed it off with steel wool. Also make sure you apply the paint onto the correct side of the magnet. One side won’t stick to the fridge. It will take a few coats of paint to get the magnet white.


The fun part is deciding what words you absolutely cannot live without in your poetry collection. (I’m a huge fan of snollygoster.) If you need some inspiration check here or here or here. Use the permanent marker to write your words onto the magnet. (I learned the hard way that if you use a non-permanent marker it will smear.) Finish with a layer of varnish, dry, and use your scissors to separate the words.


Let your words run wild!



One Response to “DIY Fridge Poetry”


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    […] I, like the recycled crafter of the blog Without a Map, have a nice stash of advertising magnets and am a big fan of fridge poetry. Pop on over to her blog to see how to make a set of your own fridge poetry with your favorite words. […]

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