Foodie Adventure at West Side Market

28 Dec


Have I mentioned how much I love West Side Market? I have, haven’t I?


Well I dragged April and our friend Kristina there for a foodie adventure. We braved the crowds and wandered through the stalls, randomly buying whatever treats happened to catch our eye. Then we hauled our goods home where Amanda joined us and we taste-tested them. We averaged together our results and they are as follows (with a few of the judge’s comments.)


Rated on a scale of 1-10.

From Judy’s Oasis:
Pita: 9.0 This is seriously good Pita, folks. Soft, fluffy, and slightly chewy.
Hummus: 6.8 This hummus had a great texture but not a lot of flavor.
Baba Ghanoush: 7.1 Nice tangy, roasted flavor.


From J & J Meats:
Cheese Smokies: 9.0 Let it be noted that April didn’t actually eat any of the smokies (she’s vegetarian) but gave this a perfect ten solely because it contained cheese. No wonder we’re friends.
Spicy BBQ Smokies: 6.6 These had a fair amount of heat, but not much flavor.
Teriyaki Smokies: 5.4 These got ranked lower because they didn’t have much (or any) Teriyaki flavor.


From Maha’s Falafil:
Falafil Sandwich: 10! Ok, I was the only one who remembered to rank the falafil on the score card and I am kinda obsessed with falafil in general. I still always make sure to grab one from Maha’s every time I go to West Side Market.


From Theresa’s: Cannoli
Original: 7.7 Not as fancy as its cousins, but still a damn good cannoli.
Peanut Butter: 7.8 April was gaga for this cannoli, but I also suspect she would savor roofing shingles if you spread enough peanut butter on them.
Caramel: 7 I liked this cannoli but it doesn’t have a strong caramel flavor.
Strawberry Pistachio: 7.4 We were totally divided on this flavor. Two of us loved it, two of us thought it was “meh.”
Chocolate: 8 While the flavor was great, a few of us found the texture slightly gritty.


From K & K Bakery:
Apple Fritters: 8.2 I thought these were the bomb, April thought they could have been crisper, Amanda wanted more apple, and I just wanted another one. I do have to hand it to the vendor, she sold ’em well.


From Vera’s Bakery:
Radio Bar: 8.4 If you like rich decadent chocolate cake with lots of frosting you need to try these suckers! (The tea biscuits looked totally tempting too. And the kolackies. And the sugar cookies. And the…..)


From That’s Nuts!
Chocolate Almond Coconut Nut Butter: 6.8 I think the only thing that dragged down this one’s score was that Kristina automatically gave it a two because she hates coconut. It was still pretty great.
Chocolate Almond Toffee Nut Butter: 9.3 We tried about a billion samples from this stall and they were all pretty awesome. This one was my favorite, and it comes highly recommended.


The whole adventure was incredibly fun. If you have any kind of open air market nearby, take a few friends and explore it like foodies.


But maybe do it before you make your New Year’s resolutions.


P.S. This has nothing to do with anything, but when Amanda showed up we decided to pretend like we were on a police drama and interrogate question interview her. Kristina is alarmingly good at being the bad cop.



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