Ash Wednesday and Angry Birds

5 Mar


Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  If you or any of your friends are Catholic, you’ll most likely see a few Facebooks go dark for 40 days or hear people groan mournfully when there’s cake in the lunchroom.  Now, I’m not the best Catholic, but I do participate in Lent.  In the past I’ve made major changes that have stuck around for the better.  One of my favorites was a few years ago when I vowed to buy nothing new.  The experiment really helped me evaluate my purchases and curbed my consumerism.  Now, I try to make that a part of my Lenten experience every year.

This year I’ve decided to give up playing mobile games.  Last night I deleted all of my games, cringing as I erased all the data.  I woke up a little shaky at the prospect of not matching three colored gems together for hours on end, but I’m confident I can make it through this.  Although studies claim that playing Bejeweled may make you smarter (said studies were of course commissioned by Popcap, the maker of Bejeweled), Americans spent an inordinate amount of time using mobile apps.  The most recent statistics from April 2013 say that we spend an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes on apps a day.  I would guess most days I double that.  I usually play games in between tasks at work, before bed, or while eating lunch, waiting for an appointment or watching tv.  About a year ago I found that one of my apps logged your play time.  After seeing the numbers I deleted the game immediately… only to replace it with another not long after.

So what do I hope to gain from giving up gaming apps for 40 days?  More time, for one.  I’m hoping to use the time I would have spent playing games to do more crafts while watching tv, being more productive at work (and therefore more fulfilled), being more present in other aspects and maybe reading a little more.  After Lent I hope I can go back to playing social games, but I’m going to try to stay away from the pure time wasters.

Well, already I’ve written a blog post instead of connecting colored lines together so I guess I’m off to a good start.

~ April


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