MTV 2.0

11 Mar

I’m not a music video person.  Even as a teenager the only music video I remember watching was Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and whatever was on CMT.  Unless of course you count old episodes of The Monkees.  I was not very cool.  Since MTV and VH1 stopped showing music videos, the scene has changed a lot.  Most people watch their music videos online and because of this I’ve been introduced to a few more.

I still don’t watch very many of them, but I think I’m pretty picky, although my criteria is pretty predictable.  I want them to add to my musical experience even when I’m just listening to the song.  There have been a few that have ruined a song for me (I’m looking at you Avicii), but a select few have captivated me and I think those are worth sharing.

This was the video that made me reassess music videos. Once the electric guitar hits, everything gets trippy.

Already a super creepy song, the video sends further chills up your spine. I bet you could Jungian analyze the shit out of this thing.

Are you noticing a theme? I love me some animation. The song alone will break your heart and the video tells a fairly literal interpretation of the song using puppets.

More stop animation! And creepy magicians!

I don’t know what it is about these videos and people going down throats, but I must like it.

Here’s one that Robin turned me onto. And it’s not even *technically* animation.

~ April


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