Earth Day: Upcycled Bread Clip Picture Frame

9 Apr

Earth Day Banner

When we our Earth Day celebration last year I was determined to start doing more upcylcled crafts. I laid out the challenge of the Destash Bash with that in mind, but I kinda slacked on that part. Actually I’ve been slacking in the crafting department for awhile now. Once again, Earth Day gave me the inspiration to give it another go.

I started by asking my friends to collect these things for me.


Some call them bread tags, others call them bread clips, I call them the bane of my existence. I hate these things. They drive me crazy because I find them on trails in Yosemite all the time. They’re plastic so they aren’t going to decompose during this century, and I have yet to find a place that recycles them. What’s more they seem so stupidly unnecessary. I would prefer to see bread sealed for shipping with a paper based tape. I think we’re all smart enough to figure out how to close our bread bags without a one-time use piece of plastic.

I have come across a few clever ways to reuse them on the internet. Lindsay at Diary of Crafty Lady turned them into a totally adorable Monster Garland. There are a few more ideas here.

I decided to use them to brighten up one of these picture frames I scored off a dumpster.


A portion of my bread clip collection was found on the ground so I swished the whole jar in soapy water to clean them off. To dry them I spread them out on a towel in the sun.


I used my dullest pair of craft scissors to cut them into strips and shapes.


I glued the pieces on mosaic style with School Glue. At first I was a bit worried that the glue wouldn’t hold the plastic, but as long as the pieces were flat they seem to stick to the frame pretty well. I also don’t expect a picture frame to experience a lot of rough handling so I’m not too worried about wear and tear.


I gave it a few extra coats with Mod Podge just to be sure and added a picture of Grace and I rocking the camouflage at Spring Valley. All in all I only used a small handful from the jar of clips. It may not make much of a dent in the truckloads of these things in our landfills but at least it’s something. I was able to complete the project without having to buy new materials. Score!




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