Earth Day: AmazonSmile

10 Apr

Earth Day Banner

If you’ve logged into Amazon lately, you may have seen a little pop up that allows you to link your account to a charity. The program is called AmazonSmile and you can choose from millions of charities to support, everything from the super local to global giants. After you choose a charity, Amazon will donate .5% (I know, a bundle) of your eligible purchases to your charity of choice. You just have to remember to go to instead of the regular Amazon start page. Then, you’ll see a note near the price telling you whether an item is eligible or not.  You can change your charity whenever you choose.

To put things in perspective, at .5% you’d have to spend $20,000 to donate $100 to your charity. Even with my thousands of dollars of work purchases every year, I still can’t hit that benchmark. Still, even a little bit can help. It’s probably more impactful to choose a larger charity that a lot of other people will donate to than to give a few bucks to a local charity. You’re better off just donating the money outright.  It’s better to donate something than nothing at all though and if enough people take advantage of the opportunity, a lot of charities will benefit.

In honor of Earth Day, consider a charity that protects our natural resources. Some great ones are NatureBridge, The National Park Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, The Appalachian Trail Conservancy or The Sierra Club. Thousands of other environmental charities are available, so pick your cause and use your Amazon addiction for good.

~ April


3 Responses to “Earth Day: AmazonSmile”

  1. jolynnpowers April 10, 2014 at 3:30 pm #

    Thank you for the information about this .. I am sure that I would only add .25 cents to some charity, but I think between my family it might actually be something.

  2. Mara April 10, 2014 at 6:12 pm #

    I think your post shows clearly that it is merely a gesture. This is why I choose to donate directly to my charity of choice and instead shop at used bookstores and independently owned ones for my books and other direct outlets to avoid Amazon’s monopoly, ease not withstanding. Thanks for another great thought-provoking post.


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