Earth Day: Backyard Garden Adventure

22 Apr

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I adore my house. Ok, so I don’t technically own it, and I can’t take credit for many of it’s charms. I can thank a wonderful facilities team for things like the solar panels on the roof, the tankless water heater, the energy efficient appliances and the many other features that make my house a fantastic planet-friendly crib. Another reason to love my house is for it’s long glorious history, created by the people who lived here before me. It is from these previous occupants that we’ve gotten treasures and traditions like the house journal and the magnetic poetry on the fridge. (Ask Mara if you want to know the story of how Virginia came to live here.)


Unfortunately one house treasure that has been sadly neglected for the past few years is the garden. When I moved into the house, the backyard was occupied by an orderly little veggie patch. I started to hear little snippets of the garden’s history. How one occupant spent an entire weekend working a huge load of compost into the soil, how another turned the garden into a kale factory, and how the random set of mattress springs came to live here. Unfortunately though, I was never around during the summer, so I took very little interest in maintaining the veggie patch, and it slowly grew from neat rows of perfect beds into a backyard jungle of rocks and miscellaneous junk. The only thing that thrived in our backyard was a surly patch of mint, knee high grass, and a few plucky little poppies.


Until now.

I’ll be spending this summer here in Yosemite. (I’m secretly terrified that I’m going to melt in the heat but that’s another issue entirely.) I can finally, finally garden in the backyard.


Step One: Figure out how to garden.


P.S. That thing is called a shovel right? Oh, I am going to be so good at this!

P.P.S. Sorry this entry is a bit late. I’m going to try shirking at least some of the blame to April since I spent most of today prepping for her wedding.


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