31 Jul



Eagle Peak during and after the El Portal Fire

This community never ceases to amaze me.

The first thing I did when the fire started was run into the house and grab my laptop bag, my fire box, my guitar, and the bridesmaid dress I’m wearing to April’s wedding in a few weeks.

I probably would have kept packing like this except at this point my neighbor Claudine came over, and pointed out that the fire was only a few feet away from another neighbor’s house where no one was home. She rallied a crowd of folks who sprang into action, contacting the people who lived there and rescuing their stuff. Claudine’s house wasn’t that far from the fire, I am floored by her selflessness in checking in on her neighbor’s before thinking about herself.

Similarly, Andy abandoned all of his valuables to run to the neighbor’s houses and helped them fight the fire off with garden hoses. We lost no structures in El Portal, and while a lot of that can be attributed to luck, favorable winds, and a quick response from fire crews, I think Andy the flip-flop clad firefighter can take a small portion of the credit.

The community of Foresta had it worse, although I was stunned to learn that they lost only one building. Watching the fire blaze up the hillside we were certain it was going to be much, much worse. It easily could have been.

Unfortunately the one house that did burn was a duplex and was occupied by some friends of mine. They are the nicest people you can imagine, and it broke my heart to hear that they had only minutes to evacuate and lost nearly everything to the fire.

Fortunately this community rallied like no other. Online fundraising campaigns were started for the Martel Family and the Laizer Family, with goals of raising $5,000 dollars. While I’m sure that seemed like an ambitious fundraising goal, it is only a small fraction of the actual financial cost of rebuilding a family’s life.

Both campaigns blew past those goals within a few hours.

This is what I love about this community. We choose to work and live here because it’s breathtaking and beautiful, and many of the people who live here have managed to accomplish some truly impressive feats. But when things go wrong here they often go wrong in big and dramatic ways. So when this community of people who are drawn to the spectacular and sensational get it in their heads to help each other out….Let’s just say that those fundraising goals didn’t have a chance.

If you would like to contribute to the fundraising campaigns I know both families would greatly appreciate it even though they have surpassed their fundraising goals.


P.S. I don’t want to forget to appreciate the firefighters and various responders who have been working hard to contain the fire and save structures. We are extremely lucky that there have been no major injuries associated with this fire.




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