Music for Saint Patrick’s Day

16 Mar

At the risk of revealing myself to be the total nerd that I am, I will admit that I love listening to Celtic music year round. So I am more than excited when Saint Patrick’s Day rolls around and everyone is at least willing to tolerate Irish music if they aren’t actively seeking it out.

So if you’re looking for something to listen to on Saint Patrick’s Day check out some of my favorite Celtic artists. They range all over, from traditional to Celtic fusion, from Ireland to all over the globe. If you’re looking for more, I’ve also put a playlist on 8tracks.

It’s worth paying attention any time the Chieftains collaborate with other artists, and they have done this many, many times. This just happens to be my favorite.

I’ve posted about Girsa before, but I can’t help it. I love them and this song so much.

My brother’s girlfriend Kimb, described the High Kings as the Irish version of Mumford and Sons. I particularly love their Memory Lane album.

No list of Irish tunes is complete without a little Cherish the Ladies. They’ve been kicking ass and playing music for a long time and there are so many wonderful ones to choose from.

Matt Molloy is the flute player for the Chieftains, but he’s made some incredible music on his own. I couldn’t find a good video for his version of the Mason’s Apron, but it’s on 8tracks playlist. Listen to it and marvel that it’s being played by only one flute.

This is a fantastic cover by the legendary Eva Cassidy. It was actually written by a Scottish musician but I’m going to casually forget that.

I love this not just because it’s the Chieftains playing with the Coors, but also because during its creation somebody must have said the following: “Wow guys, we’ve got a lot going on here. We’ve got two penny whistles, one flute, one guitar, a harp, a set of uilleann pipes,two bodhráns, and a whole mess of fiddles. Even if we throw in set dancers and step dancers it still feels like something is missing. I know! You know what would make this performance absolutely perfect? Let’s add dancing gorilla puppets!”

And a legend was born.



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