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Photo Adventure: Point Reyes

27 Jul

I spent three glorious days in Point Reyes National Seashore. Unfortunately my camera died about halfway through the trip, which is an enormous tragedy for you. I was initially disappointed that the last part of my route led me away from ocean views, but the fog veiled forests on the Woodward Valley and Sky trails were like something out of Narnia. I would not have been surprised to have turned a corner and come face to face with a unicorn. It was magical. I’m so sorry you missed it.


Chocolate croissant from Bovine Bakery


The bench where I ate the croissant. (Slightly squished, but totally worth it.)


Amazing scenery


Beautiful beach scapes


Beautiful sand scapes


Banana slugs, which aren’t quite like unicorns, but are close enough.


Beach coyotes


Crazy Geology



Photo Adventure: Marin Headlands

14 Jul

I’ve been so busy blogging about other stuff that I forgot to mention I’m back in the Marin Headlands of Golden Gate NRA for the summer. Adventure abounds.









From the Mountains to the Sea

20 Jun


The past month has been a whirlwind. While there were many factors contributing to the insanity, the root cause was the fact that I moved a couple weeks ago. This relocation is only temporary, I will be back in Yosemite for the fall, but I’m excited to spend the summer exploring a fantastic new place.

Can you guess where?


How about now?




If you aren’t jealous you should be. I hope to soon share summer adventures from Golden Gate National Recreation Area!


Sea Findings

24 Apr


I got to spend last weekend at a conference in Malibu. Before actually going to Malibu my only experience of Malibu came from the movie Intolerable Cruelty during a conversation between two very wealthily divorced women:

“Why don’t you come out to Malibu and see my new beach house?”
“I didn’t know Dimitri had a beach house.”
“Neither did I, until my lawyer found it. It was quite the paper trail, he had it in the dog’s name.”

This most certainly prepared me for the multi-million dollar houses that cropped up on the shore, but it did not adequately prepare me for my first encounter with these guys:

I could have spent an entire day watching this scene. My Peterson’s field guide describes these guys “chasing waves like a wind-up toy.” Poetic and remarkably accurate.

In other news, I got to go tide pooling!


Oh, the crazy things you can do when you have podia.

I went a little crazy enjoying the underwater capabilities of my camera:


I finally saw my first real life, not living in an aquarium at Sea World, dolphin. The twelve-year-old in me was positively leaping for joy.  It makes me want to start drawing dolphins on the cover of every single notebook I own all over again!


it’s always ourselves that we find in the sea ~E.E. Cummings