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FTW Wednesday: Halloween

7 Sep


About the beginning of September halfway through August, I start getting super excited about Halloween.  I usually get so excited that by October 10th I’m all Halloweened out… well, not too badly.  I love perusing the typical Halloween superstores that pop up in abandoned Kmart’s, but I’m most excited about seeing what regular stores choose to showcase for the season.  While I reserve the right to complain in a month when Christmas stuff appears three months before the holiday, right now I’m thrilled that commercial America is ready to celebrate my favorite time of year.

For this week’s FTW Wednesday, here are some of the coolest Halloween goodies in your local chains already:

Green Apple Light-Up Coffin Soap from Bath and Body Works

Unwelcome Sign from Target

Halloween Appetizer Plates from Williams-Sonoma

Skeleton-Hand Drink Dispenser from Pottery Barn

Black Cat Measuring Spoons from Sur la Table

Wooden Devil and Mummy Ornaments from Pier 1

Where are your favorite places to shop for Halloween goodies?



FTW Wednesday: Jane Austen’s Fight Club

17 Aug




Another fine story set in Regency England; the land where men are “gentleman”, dating is “complicated”, and every young lady’s first name is apparently “Miss.”

Jane Austen’s Fight Club from Keith Paugh on Vimeo.

(These are the things you discover when you spend too much time exploring Youtube.)


FTW Wednesday: Taylor Mali

22 Jun


As April explained earlier FTW Wednesdays are a place for us to feature things that win.*  For my first FTW Wednesday I wanted to feature Taylor Mali.

I first stumbled upon Taylor Mali’s poetry when I was in college studying to become a high school history teacher. Although life eventually led me down a different path, his poetry continued to inspire me, and though I do not be teach in a traditional classroom with desks and four walls he has inspired me not only to be a teacher but to be a better teacher.

One surprising place I saw this poem surface was at a NOLS Wilderness First Responder training.

So whenever you have a few spare minutes to peruse the internet, or if you are yearning for inspiration check out these poems:

This one always makes me laugh:

And this one always makes me cry:


* Charlie Sheen not included.

FTW Wednesday: Cleverbot

8 Jun


Hey guys!  Welcome to the first installment of FTW Wednesday.  Robin and I have been talking about doing this since the blog started, but couldn’t decide on a name.  I think the blogosphere doesn’t need another alliterative theme day and that just led to a… well, “What do we call our theme day?” dilemma.  Robin came up with FTW Wednesday.

Now, every Wednesday (or at least most Wednesdays) we’ll be sharing with you something great we’ve discovered.  Rather than doing a traditional link dump, we’ll spend the whole post on one awesome idea / website / photo / whatever.  Sometimes they’ll be short, sometimes they’ll be long, but they’ll always be put a win in your humpday (which sounds way dirtier than it’s meant).

I’m going to start things off with a little artificial (un)intelligence.  I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Radiolab, as they explored “Talking to Machines”.  In one of the first segments, they introduce us to a chatbot called “Cleverbot”.   He’s won some AI competitions and he learns by talking to people all over the world.  With each conversation, he learns more about how people communicate with each other and what appropriate responses are.  Unfortunately for him, it seems like a large portion of his teachers are bored high school students.  You see, you can talk to him at cleverbot.com and the conversations can be… interesting.

Cleverbot will tell you about God. Cleverbot’s in the blue, I’m in black.

He can sing a duet.

He knows a bit about souls.

And his morality is based on a pretty cool old-school country song.

Listen to the podcast, then check out Cleverbot and let me know if he tells you something you think is FTW!