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Crafting Roundup

8 Dec

Even though I’ve been a total slacker about blogging lately, I managed to complete a few craft projects that have been communing with the dust bunnies in my closet for awhile.

The first is the pair of socks that I worked on while flying across the country earlier this fall.


They were made out of two balls of Paton’s Kroy Socks that have been sitting in my stash for ages. I love them and I loved working with this yarn even though the two balls did not match at all. (And yes, I checked, they were definitely the same dye-lot.)

I was a little hesitant to blog about this next project just because, well, it’s kinda….weird. I started this project waaaaaaaay back in 2005 when I was studying for my undergraduate degree. I wound up doing a bit of research on venus figurines and I kinda fell in love with them, particularly the Venus of Willendorf. I was at the height of a knitting craze and I decided that I wanted to make a knitted Venus of Willendorf. Actually what I really I wanted to do was create a pattern where you could mix and match features to create your own venus figurine but I got overwhelmed pretty quickly.


She was condemned to languish in my knitting bag for years until I finally decided to just knit the damn thing without trying to simultaneously write a pattern. In the end she was a challenging feat of increases, decreases, grafting, short rows, and at one point working with seven(!) double-pointed-needles at once. (I wouldn’t hold your breathe waiting for a pattern, maybe try this one instead?) I am totally delighted to have finally finally finished her but I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with her!


For my last project I painted this a-dork-able owl on a Coldwater Creek box. The quote on the side of the lid is a Danish proverb and reads “He who is afraid to ask is ashamed of learning.” I finished it with polyurethane varnish leftover from the mirror I painted this past summer.


I hid it at Mara’s house when she wasn’t home. Have fun finding it Mara!


P.S. Did you know the Venus of Willendorf loves to make snow angels?




28 Aug

I’m sorry, Robin can’t come to the blog right now. She’s currently having a marvelous time road-tripping back across the country to Yosemite. For a wrap-up of her her summer exploits please view the following pictures after the beep.


This summer I….


Visited the homeland.


Finished some old projects.


Finished some new projects. (This pattern, with some modifications)


Wandered in my favorite place.


Was pleasantly surprised to discover a hot air balloon festival.


Took time for reflection.


Had trouble following directions.


February Show and Tell

2 Mar

I got a lot more crafting done this month than I normally do, probably thanks to getting back into swapping.  So here’s the part of the month where I show you all the projects that I made (that I didn’t tear out or break in frustration of their being awful) and share the links for you to make your own.

Kitchen towels

These are just embellished Target towels made for a swap… nothing fancy. Just ribbon and bias tape. I might put up a tutorial later, but only if people are interested.

Leaf Cup Cuddler

Mine didn’t come out as even as it could have, but I always knit in a wonky gauge. This was also for a swap. I knit the whole thing during the Superbowl.

Dr. Seuss Pouch

Of course this is from Noodlehead… I love how her patterns turn out. For this one, I added a few bells to the keyring. I think it helps keep up the Dr. Seuss style.

Car Organizer

I made some adjustments from the original pattern. For one, I used webbing and a buckle for the attachment at the top. On the bottom, I sewed two loops and tied nylon cording to it. Since I couldn’t try the pattern out on my swap partner’s car before sending, I wanted it to be as adjustable as possible. I also sewed a backing onto the whole thing to make it a bit more sturdy.

Flannel Slippers

This pattern wins my personal gold star for the month. I’d tried making slippers before and let’s just say that it wasn’t a pretty picture. These were simple, fast, and turned out really nice. I was sad to send these out, but it helped that they were too small for my feet. I’ll definitely be using the pattern many more times.

Thanks to all those who put their patterns out there for us to use!