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Bet You Can’t Have Just One

2 Oct

I’ve wanted to hike Potato Chip Rock for years and a few weeks ago I finally conquered it.  My brother was coming to visit and we wanted to do a simple one night camping trip.  By the time we booked, most of the more popular camping spots were taken, so we chose one of the few spots left Southern California at William Heise Regional Park.  From the reviews I assumed it was going to be more crowded and full of families.  After all, it boasts a playground and year round cabins.   I was pleasantly surprised with the isolated, wooded sites and miles of hiking trails overlooking the Anza Borrego Dessert.  Sure, we could see a couple of fancy houses on the hills surrounding the park, but overall it was a great spot for summer camping.

After a night of camping, we headed over to our destination.  My brother had Googled photos of Potato Chip Rock for ideas on how we should stage our picture.  If you look it up, you’ll see all kinds of creative ideas, from rock climbers hanging off the edge, to yoga poses, to groups that have set up a fancy tea party on the rock.  We weren’t prepared for the long line of photo takers and by the time we got up there (and I overcame my fear of the short jump to the rock), we didn’t have a lot of time for creativity.

By all rights, this should be a Photo Adventure, but it’s not.  Mostly because i was too caught up in the actual hiking to stop and snap pictures.  Partly because I didn’t bring a camera and my phone was dying.  Because of that, you only get one.  Just one picture, achieved after an hour wait in line and a four-mile hike straight up in the heat.  But boy was it worth it.


~ April


Earth Day: Quote Saturday

25 Apr



Earth Day: Books in Nature

19 Apr


This is not a nature book.  In fact, it’s not a book I would recommend to everyone.  You’ve probably seen at least one of the poems in the book.  Magic has been disseminated all over the internet, mostly without credit.  It took me a bit of digging the first time to figure out it was not by Shel Silverstein, but Bo Burham.  Burham is pretty similiar to Silverstein with his clever wordplay and irreverent humor.  Sometimes, though, it feels a bit like Burham is American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman channelling Silverstein.  So if you’re offended by things normal humans are offended by, I feel like I need to add a trigger warning for pretty much everything.


Still, when Burham isn’t making his readers uncomfortable, he’s making them laugh out loud at his verbal dexterity and delighting them with his wit. So, if you don’t mind dodging a few jabs to find something great, pick up Egghead by Bo Burham.

~ April

P.S. I took these pictures in the park behind our library.  I had to fight a gaggle of birdwatchers in my path, but I love this part of the park.

The Case of the Missing Pinterest Link

26 Sep

The other day, I was complaining how whenever I see something cool on tumblr it almost never has a link to the original source.  It drives me absolutely nuts that there could be a great tutorial out there that I can’t access because someone else didn’t see fit to post their inspiration.

Today, I had an epiphany.

See, I’m also a librarian and I figured I should know better than most how to track down lost information.  I took a class on Google searching awhile back.  They shared all kinds of cool tricks that I knew I’d rarely use, but there was one that I thought was particularly spiffy and I realized I could use it in just this type of situation.

Say you’re on Pinterest and you see this:

Peek-A-Boo Pumpkins found via http://pinterest.com/susan766/boo/

Cute, right?  But when you click on the picture, you see something like this:

(You actually get directed to another website for this particular pin and that site doesn’t have a working link to the tutorial, but the gray screen is a common occurrence as well.)

Boo!  How are you ever going to find out how to do this project which you are so desperately obsessed with making tonight?

Google-fu, that’s how.

Google has a cool feature that allows you to search for images by dragging a picture into the Google Images search box.  Simply open the image in one window and Google Images in the other.  Drag the image into the search box.  Google comes up with images that match yours, making it simple to find the source of the image. You can read Google’s own instructions here.

Often, as is the case on Pinterest,  the picture you want to drag will actually be a link and the technique won’t work.  If that’s the case, you have to right-click the picture and choose “View Image” before dragging it to the Google Images search box.

Now, it’s easy to find the instructions for the Peek-A-Boo Pumpkins at HGTV’s website… Be sure to scroll down below the first set of results and image results.  The first set is best guesses on links with similar keywords.  The images are visually similar images (which is fun to play around with).  The third set is links to pages that include matching images and that’s what you want.

Easy enough, right?  If you have any questions, let me know.  Happy Googling!

~ April


28 Aug

I’m sorry, Robin can’t come to the blog right now. She’s currently having a marvelous time road-tripping back across the country to Yosemite. For a wrap-up of her her summer exploits please view the following pictures after the beep.


This summer I….


Visited the homeland.


Finished some old projects.


Finished some new projects. (This pattern, with some modifications)


Wandered in my favorite place.


Was pleasantly surprised to discover a hot air balloon festival.


Took time for reflection.


Had trouble following directions.


What I Did on My Summer Vacation

13 Aug

As promised, here’s some of my favorite pictures of the summer. I present…

Took a walk in the wetlands.

Strolled along Bourbon Street

Narrowly avoided being eaten.

Did not hike this whole trail.

Went to the fair.

Visited the big city…

…and escaped it.

And of course, said goodbye to Harry.

 I love both the idea of home as in being with my family and friends, and also the idea of exploration. I think those two are probably my great interests.
– Yo-Yo Ma